About Scorpet

Scorpet is an application born in France and developed with love by a team of pet lovers.

Our story.

It all starts with Biscotte, the most beautiful cat in the world. We took in Biscotte, a tricolor cat, abandoned at birth without being weaned. She is gorgeous, but has a specific character. It was therefore impossible to make her participate in a competition without risking scratches. This is how the idea of developing a simple, fun, impartial and open to everyone competition was born.

Pilou - Co-Founder

Why Scorpet?

We want to change the mindset of online animal contests. For this, we have created an animal contest mobile application that promotes two values that are most important to us, impartiality and game.

We ensure impartiality.

We ensure impartiality.

In a competition, all animals must leave with the same chances of victory. We did not want to set up a contest where you could skew the result by buying your victory as you find on many sites. That’s why we have implemented a secure voting mechanism that ensures the victory of the animal that appeals to the greatest number of people.

We favor the game.

We favor the game.

The philosophy of the application is to ensure the diversity of competitions so that each owner of cat, dog or rabbit can have fun with his animal. The multitude of competitions allows you to interact differently with your animal and to challenge yourself with other participants.

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