Themed pet contest. Simple, fun and impartial.

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Participate in theme contests and win gifts.

The application allows you to participate in several contests at the same time. Depending on the chosen theme, select the most suitable photos and videos and take part in the game. Thanks to the impartial votes of the judges, you will be able to follow your progress in real time and see your ranking. You can also analyze the content of other cats, dogs and rabbits in order to improve yourself and have the chance to win gifts offered by our sponsors. Have fun and win lots of gifts for you dog, cat or rabbit!!

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Select the most beautiful photos and videos of your pet

Like any cat or dog owner, your phone contains a huge number of photos and videos. The hardest part will be to select the most beautiful according to the desired theme. But don't worry, you can analyze the content of the participants to improve yourself and move up the rankings in the game. You will finally be able to play with your animal and show the whole world its beauty!!

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Increase your international ranking

All owners of dogs, cats and rabbits can participate in the competition. Be diligent and you will see your position in the world rankings climb.

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